Local Wheater
32 C
clear sky
humidity: 22%
wind: 6 m/s S
H35 • L31
30 C
31 C
31 C
33 C
34 C
Current Moon Phase

First Quarter Moon
First Quarter Moon

The moon is currently in Virgo
The moon is 6 days old

Distance: 61 earth radii
Ecliptic latitude: 3 degrees
Ecliptic longitude: 173 degrees
Jul 5, 2022
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About Time of Awareness

This section includes the initiatives by beings with higher consciousness who have established new ways of understanding their relationship with others, with our surroundings and, above all, with ourselves.

Under this premise, new social, political, economic and educational structures are being established – new artistic expressions and new forms of thought in accordance with the new emerging consciousness and awareness. The New Times Report offers itself to these initiatives and new models of behaviour emerging in all disciplines, and to all those that will emerge in future with the same aim, as a means of publicity and communication.

TNTR understands the importance of a free, integrated education system helping to bring out the potential of the new human being by responding to their educational and spiritual needs and capacities.



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The new world paradigm we need to build requires education based on respect, equality and unity. Education that promotes talent, gifts and the ancestral wisdom each of us brings with us. Education exercising discernment and free will as a means of achieving the necessary peaceful coexistence between peoples, cultures and new civilisations.

This new reality sees the beginning of a fuller, friendlier life based on a healthy, appropriate and coherent diet. It proposes regular exercise, contact with nature and a review of our emotions to transmute them into feelings.

If we have chosen to live in this time of change, there are reasons to believe that we are here to propel it based on our own experience of life and on opening up our own consciousness. That means living responsibly and coherently in order to align our thoughts with our feelings, words and actions. It means knowing our true nature: spiritual beings living a human experience.